Knitting Addiction

Good Knitting Gone Bad.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Yeah, I'm back.

It's official.

I can't knit during the summer. I finished one Great American Aran Afghan square over the summer and that was it. One square. Everything else I picked up got immediately put back down.

I think it's the heat/stickiness of the summer that makes me not want to touch wool or even cotton. And you know what? I'm ok with that!

I have a ton of yarn that I need to use before I can even remotely justify buying ANYTHING new. If I do buy something new, it'll probably be sock yarn. >.> Melanie designed some absolutely fabulous Snowflake Socks that I'm coveting! There's also a Knitty pattern that is a crazy crazy cabled sock pattern that might be a "long term project.

Actually. I'm rather pleased by the mag knits/knitty stuff this fall. The fall Interweave Knits is also looking good. I poked at the new Vogue Knitting and eh. We'll see.

Anyway. Getting back into the swing of things. SLOWLY.