Knitting Addiction

Good Knitting Gone Bad.

Friday, June 23, 2006


I'm alive but life is so complicated and horrible, I'm not sure how "alive" I am for purposes of blogging. I won't give out details though, admittedly, if you're on my lj you MIGHT be hearing some.

I've knitted a little--most of a sock with the MS&W festival yarn--but not much. I've been reading a few knitting blogs religiously but that's about it. I remember I fell into a knitting funk about this same time last year--must be something about the season change + wool. Dunno.

Having been reading Wendy (of course), I feel an itch to do Alice Starmore and/or Fair Isle. But I have things on the needles that really should be finished.

...or should they? I've had an ABSOLUTELY INSANE urge to pull out all the work I've done on Kinsale in the past year. AM I CRAZY? maybe.

I'm going to knit a sock. Tell me it's a bad idea, even though Kinsale is a bit smocky....